20 Weeks

Kaili is 20 weeks old today, can you believe it? She is a very happy baby and finally finding her laugh. At first I thought it was me, I must not be as funny as I thought I was, but it turns out I was wrong.  She likes to laugh during her diaper changes, I don’t know what’s so funny about that though. She also likes to put things in her mouth, if she can grab it, it’s in there. That makes me more aware of what is dropped on the floor these days. It’s crazy to think that the days of baby proofing are not far ahead.

She is back to sleeping through the night again so those few early wake up calls must have been a growth spurt. She continues to eat 4 oz. every three hours and is taking half ready feed and half powdered. So far so good.

I bought Kaili a few toys at Toys R Us. I don’t know why that is such a hard task to accomplish. I think I stared at things for minutes at a time trying to decide if it’s age appropriate and if she would get any use out of it. I decided that until she can really sit up there isn’t anything worth spending too much money on. I ended up with a few toys she can grasp and a couple of books. She enjoys being read to and now it looks like she enjoys “reading” to herself.

Yesterday I took Kaili down to a local farmers market located in the mostly Asian/Mexican neighborhood. It wasn’t a huge turnout but the produce was a little different from what I normally see at the markets. One stand was a tropical fruit stand with Hawaiian papaya, durian , jujubies, jackfruit, Lychees, Rambutans, and sugar cane. I also saw lemon cucumbers, a lot of okra, chinese long beans, and red carrots. The food stands looked pretty good too, the line for the Filipino food was long and reminded me of China with all the elbowing. They also had a Salvadorian, East African and Tamale stand. I will have to go for dinner one of these times.

I am still deciding to hold off on solids until at least 24 weeks. I will start with veggies and skip the rice cereal, if I do decide to give her rice cereal at some point I think I will do brown rice. It’s also not hard to make either so I may have to try that out.

4 thoughts on “20 Weeks

  1. Can’t believe how big she is getting – excited to see you girls on Monday! OH and I definitely need to check out that farmers market!! YUM

  2. Kaili looks like she is growing like a weed. Remember Kim we will need a Christmas list for Kaili so don’t buy her too much. lol I wish we had a selection of farmer markets like that.

  3. Flippin’ through her book… I wish she was in on of my English classes! Sign her up for “Goodreads.”

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