November Already?

Where does the time go? I swear the first 4 months of Kaili’s life went by so slowly but now she is growing up so fast. She is still such a happy, easy and laid back baby. She rarely makes much noise but has countless facial expressions. She has begun blowing raspberries and thinks it’s hysterical when you pull her socks or pants of quickly.

blowing raspberries

She also gets a kick out of playing Peek a Boo with a blanket. She get’s so excited when you get ready to cover her with it, she squirms around like a fish out of water.


I am leaving her overnight for the first time this weekend. My dad and I are heading to Fresno for a family wedding and baby girl will get some one on one bonding time with her daddy. I will miss her so much but I am looking forward to having a mini break, even if it is just Fresno.

Having fun at the park
Hanging out on the couch

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