Weekend Away= Success

I had a nice time at my cousin’s wedding and survived my weekend away from the babe. Sure I missed her but I didn’t lose sleep and I didn’t worry. I knew she was in great hands with her daddy so I was able to enjoy myself. Fresno is nothing to write home about but the wedding was held in a theater and it was beautiful.

Warnors Theater

I had a fun time reconnecting with some cousins I haven’t seen in years and even got a chance to hit the dance floor.  Shane sent me this picture of Kaili and I received it while I was at the ceremony. We really need a shirt that says “Daddy did my hair!”

Once back home I decided that I would take Kaili back up to OC to visit grandpa and uncle KC for a few days. Kaili gets a kick out of new places and it’s so fun to watch her take in her surroundings. We met my dad at the gallery in Laguna Niguel where he was doing a painting demo, one day Kaili will be able to paint with her grandpa and that will be so fun to see.

Kaili successfully slept in her pack n play for the first time. I was nervous about how that would go but alas she surprised me once again and slept through the night both nights.

Kaili also started Gymboree last week and LOVED it! One hour jammed packed with all sorts of fun new toys and sounds, sensory overload. She couldn’t contain her excitement when we held a parachute over all the babies and shook it up and down. I need to remember to take some pictures at our next class. Next week we are heading back to Orange County for some family time and turkey dinner. I finally get to make these Pumpkin Whoopie Pies that I didn’t get to make last year since I was on bed rest.

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