“How Can She Be Our DNA And Not Like It?”

Kaili expanded her palate last night when she ate pureed cauliflower with garlic for dinner. I was hesitant that she would like it but alas she did, she ate the whole bowl. Shane said, “of course she liked it, how can she be our DNA and not like garlic?” Good point! I need to do that more often, offer her herbs and spices. I think roasting garlic and adding it to sweet potatoes would be pretty yummy. These baby food sites I visit don’t have many adventurous recipes for the 6 month old but I have to imagine other cultures are feeding there children more than boring plain, steamed vegetables. I wonder if there are any Asian baby food recipes?

Kaili is getting better at sitting up unassisted. She teeters from  side to side and eventually falls back, sometimes with a loud thud to the head 😦 Sitting up gives her a whole new perspective to the world around her. Yesterday I put Yo Gabba Gabba on ( a cartoon) and she couldn’t peel her eyes away.

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