Gymboree Fun

Kaili finally got to go back to Gymboree today since her little cold seems to be all better. She thoroughly enjoys herself there, it’s so much fun to see her react to all the different toys, textures, songs and babies.

"this ball feels funny!"
Peek A Boo with a scarf
fun with mirrors

Kaili was getting touchy-feely with the baby boy next to her. It wont be much longer until she is taking toys away from others, I can already invision  that happening.

Her favorites seem to be the parachute and Mr. clown puppet, they had her squealing and laughing. Puppets might be a good Christmas gift.

the parachute is so FUN

"Mr. clown puppet makes me laugh"

After Gymboree Kaili takes her last afternoon nap and she sleeps hard. Play- hard   sleep-hard is her motto!

3 thoughts on “Gymboree Fun

  1. I can look at these pictures over and over and not get tired of looking at them. She is so cute and alert.

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