7 Months

My little love is 7 months old.

She now weighs 14 lbs. 10 oz. and can sit on her own. She is really enjoying her meals, she likes cinnamon and just tried fresh papaya which was a hit.

She has a new and somewhat annoying habit and it’s ear piercing. She loves to scream. She screams when she is having fun, she screams to let me know she is not having fun and she screams just to get a reaction out of us. Fun!

Kaili has had a nighttime routine from the day we brought her home from the hospital. Now that she is older she has a full day routine. As a teacher I think routines are important and babies especially thrive on routines. They  become secure and happy with strict adherence to their daily feeding and sleeping schedules, which are, ultimately, their most important routines.  I am proud that Kaili knows what to expect and when. However when the routine is interrupted  and ultimately it is, times are tough. Thanksgiving was a perfect example. She was up later than normal and didn’t have a “bed”or a dark and quiet place to sleep. That proved to be a nightmare. Lesson learned: always bring the pack n play and her lovey if we are out later than her bedtime.

We took a quick trip to Temecula for some wine tasting on black Friday.  The weather was nice and the wine good but the rasberry champagne was delicious. Even Kaili wanted a taste.

We got our Christmas tree and I am pretty much all done with Christmas shopping and Wrapping. I thought taking her 7 months pictures in front of the tree would be fun. I also put her in a handmade knit cap my cousin Dorothy made for her. She looks so cute it in!

2 thoughts on “7 Months

  1. That hat is too cute…Kaili is a strawberry head. hee hee
    Kaili is so sweet. I totally agree on the routine of the day for kids. They do seem to respond better when they know what to expect.

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