Kaili moved up a level at Gymboree. Now that she is sitting up, the younger class just wasn’t cutting it for her anymore. The level 2 class is a lot more active and although she is the only immobile child in her group, she got a lot out of it.

Last night for dinner she tried purred carrots with ginger and it was a success, good thing because I made a lot. Today I am baking up some apples and bananas with cinnamon and nutmeg. Sure to be a hit!

Kaili and I walked over to the park for some play time. She gets a little more out of it each time we go. Today she got a chance to play in the sand. Every day she gets a new texture to explore. Ice, carpet, water, sandpaper, feathers, cotton balls and now sand. She was intrigued.

Bath time is still her favorite thing of all. It’s so fun to watch her in the tub, she can’t figure out why the water doesn’t stay in her hands. Ah the joys of learning. She has  also started having “conversations” with herself in the bath, hand movements and all. Once I figure out how to post videos, I will get that up.

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