Smile For Santa

Today we got up early to beat the crowds and be first in line to see Santa. I had a little outfit for Kaili, boots and all. I took a few before shots in front of the tree just in case the Santa pics were a fail.

I met a friend of mine at the mall. She also had a very difficult pregnancy and delivery. Luckily she is OK and her sweet baby is perfect. We were the first ones to visit Santa and what a great Santa he was. Kaili was not intimidated in the least, she was happy to sit with him and loved his beard. He was smitten with her as well, kept saying what a great smile she had. He even held here the entire time I checked out the pictures.

{ Notice the boots didn’t make it into the Santa pics. She kicked them off seconds before.}

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with how smooth the whole thing went, she is and has always been a well tempered baby. I am so lucky!


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