Oh Boy!

Our sweet little baby is growing up. Almost 8 months old and I am starting to see some changes in her. Since she mastered sitting up on her own she went through a sleep regression but luckily she seems to be back to sleeping through the night for the most part, lets hope!

Our independent child has become a little clingy, so far it’s not too bad but we are definitely noticing a difference. She will reach for me or Shane when she wants to be held which is cute, as long as it doesn’t happen at the gym day care. What isn’t cute is this screaming-fake crying thing she does when she is done. Done with being in her car seat, her excersaucer or basically whenever she wants.  She will throw in a fake cough too when she is being really dramatic, she thinks it’s funny, it’s not, especially in a store. I haven’t taken too many pictures lately, I am saving it up for Christmas and her 8 month b-day, however she did look pretty cute this morning so I snapped a couple up.

This is her "I'm SO cute" pose!

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