An Early X-Mas, Gymboree and Bathtime!

This morning we opened up gifts from Shane’s family since we are heading up to visit mine tomorrow. Kaili enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper and bows but she enjoyed her gifts much more!

"my lil present"
yay, a pillow pet ladybug!
open, open, open..

Since her Gymboree is closed next week we were able to sign up for a make up class. I decided today was as good a day as any to give the music class a try.  Turns out I was wrong. It was a nightmare! Things started just fine…(.see picture)

don't let the smile fool you

10 minutes in she started her screaming act. The music teacher said it was because “Kaili knew we were in music and she was singing.” Oh boy this poor girl had no clue! Kaili was semi interested but ultimately she started rubbing her eyes and crying, really crying. We barely made it to the end of class. I will not be signing her up for music. The teacher did not do a good job stimulating the kiddos, even I was bored.

The day ended with Kaili’s fave thing as always, the bath. I took some pictures of her sitting up like a big girl. She enjoys sitting up and playing with her toys but also likes to lay down to splish splash around. How did I end up with the cutest baby ever? So lucky!!

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