New Years Getaway

Kaili and I spent the last week up north since Shane had to work through the New Year. We stayed at a resort on the beach in Oxnard a few miles from his work. We had a nice newly renovated suite with an ocean view. There is something to be said about watching the waves from the couch and hearing them while laying in bed. The weather was gorgeous, Kaili and I spent our days taking long walks along the beach, sitting at the pool and playing in the sand.

a walk along the harbor
all ready for a walk along the beach

in front of the pool

She did great during this trip, napped her usual schedule and got to bed at the same time each night. However her schedule does impose with us wanting to go out to dinner these days. We either have to eat out really early or just eat in after she goes to bed. We were able to get out a few times, the first night we walked to a close Italian spot in the harbor and on NYE we enjoyed some Thai food. I have become pretty good at eating my dinner and feeding Kaili  hers at the same time.

Ready for brunch

Since we haven’t been home for a few weeks Kaili has been eating the pre-made Earths Best baby food. She has recently tried the chicken vegetable dinner and mixed vegetable, she likes it just fine. For Christmas Aunt Kellie got her a mesh baby food holder. You can put food in it, close it up and then she can “feed” herself without the fear of choking. Kaili has been feeding herself cantaloupe each morning. It’s pretty handy!

feeding herself some fruit

Shane was able to have the MOnday after New Years off and we spent part of the day and Brophy Bros in the Ventura Harbor. Kaili napped while we munched on clams. Then we sat on the balcony of our room watched the waves and enjoyed some wine. We finished the day with another walk  to the beach, I love being able to sit on the beach in January.

The last few days of our trip were spent walking, sitting by the pool and playing in our room. Kaili is getting really good at pulling herself up with some help and can stand on her own when supported.

Once Tuesday rolled around the majority of the people at the hotel were gone and it was a bit of a ghost town. Back to reality I guess.

It was a great vacation although I do wish we saw more of Shane. I would love to come back here in the summer.

The hotel from the beach

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