8 months

Kaili Sloan

8 months


  sippy cups ~ standing up and sitting down~clapping and waving~ baths~bedtime~ spitting~ mommy and daddy singing with her.

This is such a great age. She isn’t mobile yet but so fun to be around. She has a sense of humor and can be a goof ball, especially when she is tired. She likes to wave and spent a good amount of time waving to the birds and dogs while we were in Oxnard. She just recently started clapping . She really likes it when we clap for her, especially after she shows off how she is learning to stand up. She could do it over and over just for the positive recognition.  She still rarely cries and loves her alone time. She eagerly goes down for naps and bedtime. Now that we are back on our normal schedule she is sleeping from 6-7 PM til 6 AM.  Spitting is the newest trick she picked up, it’s lovely.<—(sarcasm)

I am looking forward to spending the next few weeks at home, getting back to our regularly scheduled routine, Gymboree, spin classes and smothering my baby girl before she can crawl away from me.


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