Darn Cold

For those of you that used to follow my cooking blog you obviously know that is has been  sadly abandoned since I was  put on bed rest last year. Since having baby K I haven’t found the time or really the desire to spend too much time in the kitchen. Now that Shane is gone most of the week, its’ hard to get motivated to make a new recipe just for myself, what fun is that? But lately I have been getting the urge to try out some tasty and healthy recipes that I have found on Pinterest and in my new { and old } cookbooks. So without committing myself to an entire cooking blog I have decided to use this blog for all things baby K, food, and our travels.

In other news, my sweet child has another cold. This one is the worst so far but luckily it’s   not debilitating. She is really congested in her nose and head and has a little cough. Friday night was an all-nighter, she couldn’t breathe or get comfortable. I have done all I can think of to help her, saline drops, suctioned the nose, elevated one end of her crib mattress, put the humidifier in her room and rubbed her up with baby Vicks. She has a minimal appetite for solids but takes her bottles just fine. It breaks my heart seeing her like this and not able to make her better. But all that aside she is still so happy, you wouldn’t even know she was sick if she didn’t look and sound it.

Miss sicky still smiling

I hope everyone is having a great start to the new year.  Aside from this cold, the year is starting out just fine!


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