Ah Sh*t

Yesterday my mom came down to visit  and allow me some time to hit the gym. While I was putting Kaili down for a nap, my mom asked me if I was worried about Kaili pulling herself up in the crib and potentially falling out since we hadn’t lowered it yet. “Nah” I said. She hadn’t even sat up in the crib yet so I wasn’t worried, “once she sits up I will lower it” I told her. Well, Kaili set out to prove Grandma right.  During Kaili’s afternoon nap, well what was supposed to be her afternoon nap but she wasn’t having it { and now I know why}  I went into check on her this is what I found.

Yep! This little monster managed to sit and pull herself up. We have now lowered the crib!

2 thoughts on “Ah Sh*t

  1. Love the hair do. Jeff fell out of his crib and landed on all the cloth diapers. He was asleep, when I found him. I thought he was dead, but no he was asleep. lol

  2. Yikes, Kellie how scary. Well if Kaili would have fallen out, she would have landed on hard wood so thankfully that didn’t happen!


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