Mum Mums are Yum Yum

I took Kaili to our  local library’s  baby sign and story time last week to check it out. I would say she enjoyed herself, the bubbles especially.

busy popping bubbles

The story time is supposed to be for babies 0-2, however I felt the stories Miss Jennifer read and signed were not age appropriate. Either way, Kaili sat quietly for the first story but was ready to play during the second. After story time we sang some songs and blew bubbles.

Since Kaili’s last cold her interest in pureed foods has diminished. I guess it’s time to introduce finger foods. Her fine motor skills are still developing and she can’t quite pick up small pieces of veg or fruits yet but she can feed herself baby Mum Mums.

Baby Mum Mums are Yum Yum!
All Gone!

She seems to enjoy the independence of self feeding!

That cold that she had seems to have made its way to me. The last 3 weeks we have had absolutely nothing planned and now that we have a fun weekend ahead of us, I end up getting sick. No Fair! ( <—- that’s for you Shane 😉

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