9 months

Can you believe it? I can’t believe it. Kaili turned 9 months old yesterday.

Friday we had her baby well checkup plus a couple vaccinations she was behind on. She took them like a champ {as always} with just a few tears, I admire her strength. Dr. Hansen said all is well. Her head is still in the 90th percentile with her body slowly catching up.  She weighs 15 lbs. and is 25 inches long. He told us to get rid of the bottles and to start her on sippy cups pronto. Now I get the task of finding the perfect cup and try to figure out how I want to make the transition, cold turkey or slow and steady.

Waiting for the Dr.

Her fine motor skills are improving and she enjoys finger food over purees. Egg yolks are a favorite along with carrots, pears and bananas. Oh and of course the organic puffs, she loves them. Sweet potato and apple cinnamon are the only two she has tried but I am sure she could put a dent in the entire tube if you gave her free range.

Shane and I had our first night away together without Kaili. We took a wine train tour starting in Carlsbad and ending in Old Town. We met great people, became new wine members at Carruth Cellars and had a fun time. I did wake up at 4:00am missing her so I need to start preparing myself for our trip to Europe. I don’t know how I will handle being away from her for so long. I just have to remember that a happy wife is a happy mother and traveling makes me happy.

view from the train

One thought on “9 months

  1. Wow! 9 months already!?! When was the last time I saw her? I wish I was in SD right now. 😦 When I go there to visit the fam we’ll have to get together. Kaedyn is now 19 months! Time flies! Shes doing the craziest stuff now, just wait till you see what Kaili will do! lmao! You can transition her off the bottle slowly. There is no need at all for us moms to rush babyhood. Just as long as its water in the bottle after she brushes her teeth. I’m glad to hear shes a good eater! Try to keep that up! Cause it gets a little tougher. I like when you said “A happy wife is a happy mother”, I couldn’t agree more! Good for you! xoxo

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