My Little Foodie

I  sure hope Kaili’s love of food stays the way it is right now. She is not a picky eater and will eat everything I offer her, well, all but avocados. { weird child } However she hasn’t had mama’s guacamole yet, so time will tell.

She tried her first Steamed Pork bun from the 99 Ranch Market. She happily ate as much as I gave her, I should have bought more.

Inspecting the pork bun before diving in
taste pretty good
Yep, she approves!

While out to lunch she had some of my salad with citrus grilled chicken and gorgonzola cheese. I was impressed that she liked the cheese and after about 5 bites I wondered how her tummy was going to handle it but no need because she was just fine.

She enjoys quinoa, black beans, peas and carrots, egg yolks {hard-boiled and scrambled} mozzarella cheese, hummus, pasta with olive oil and garlic and she recently tried some with a tomato basil sauce and scarfed it down.

I need to challenge myself to start making more dinners during the week. It’s hard to get motivated to cook for one but since I have an eager little eater I guess I should pull out some recipes and get cooking.

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