Picasso Wannabe

Oh how I wish I had Pinterest when I was in the classroom. I could have documented all my lessons by monthly themes and pulled them out whenever I needed them. Since I left my job so abruptly I didn’t get a chance to pack my stuff up in a neat and orderly fashion so everything is packed into plastic tubs and in the garage. As time goes on I am forgetting  the songs I once knew and the millions of fine motor and tray tasking lessons I created. Now thanks to Pinterest I see a lot of these activities I used to do and it’s so exciting because I can file them away here and bring them out when I need them. Today was one of those days.

I came across an activity I used to do with my Pre-K kiddos. White paint in a ziplock bag on top of black paper. Then I would put out cards with sight words on them and the kids would use their fingers to write the words on the bag of paint like this:

I thought this would be a perfect way to let Kaili paint without the mess or the worry about her eating the paint. So I put some paint in a ziplock bag and taped it to the floor with a piece of white construction paper underneath it and let her at it.

So what do you think, do we have a mini Picasso in the making?

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