Aida Mollenkamp’s North African “Tandoori” Salmon

This was one of the first recipes I “pinned” on Pinterest.  I make another version of Tandoori salmon and it one of my favorite fish dishes, so I didn’t have any doubt that this recipe would please. They are very similar recipes but I have to say Aida’s is better. Maybe it’s the sweetness of the honey and  juice of the orange or the perfect blend of spices, either way, it is a must try.

Her recipe calls for  a Ras el hanout spice blend, which translates to “top of the market”. However I couldn’t find it at my ethnic markets so I made this recipe.  If you don’t have most of these spices in your spice cabinet, you should. I find it to be cheaper if you can buy them in bulk and store then in an air tight container. This recipe made a lot so I have plenty extra saved away for next time.

I followed her recipe as instructed and it turned out great, the fish was cooked perfectly.


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