A Little Love

Last year at this time I was just given the green light to be off bed rest. Shane took me to the Apple store and bought me the best Valentine’s Day gift, my MacBook Air. This year, he is working in Ventura and I am spending the most romantic day of the year at home with the babe. So to be festive I took some fun Valentine pictures of Kaili. [Inspiration came from Pinterest, where else?]

A friend from my Meetup group had us moms over to make Valentines crafts with the kiddos. I am so mad that I didn’t take any pictures of the craft making fun in action but I have the end results. She had paint, brushes, poster board and craft paper with the idea of making hand or foot print pictures for family. [I think she has Pinterest to thank for the inspiration too] I have to say I do miss all the creative activities I used to do everyday in the classroom, so this was fun! {for me.} Kaili had fun playing in the grass while mommy did her crafts.

all it needs is a picture

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