We spent a fun Saturday with friends for our latest “dinner” party. However this year with two babies we had it at noon. I made Empanadas that I didn’t like very much and Patatas Bravas that were good because of the Tomato aioli. We also enjoyed ham Croquettes that were very rich and delicious, a spread of spanish hams, cheese and olives. Roasted peppers with a mint goat cheese filling, arroz con leche and of course Sangria.

Kaili and Isla playing with all the fun toys
hanging with Am
bath fun with a friend

Kaili was a trooper since she was feeling like crud. Sunday she woke up with a cough that seemed to really hurt because she cried after every one. Her voice was hoarse and she was wheezing a little when she breathed. We gave her a warm bubble bath that she seemed to enjoy .

I was concerned enough that we took her to Urgent Care if for nothing else than piece of mind. It wasn’t anything to concerning, an upper respiratory infection and Croup, although not a bad case of it. She was given a steroid medication and we were sent home and told if she doesn’t seem better in a day or two to take her back to Dr. Hansen.

Today her cough seems looser and the wheezing is gone but she doesn’t feel any better from what I can tell. I don’t think the cough is hurting as much but she is coughing a lot more. Now let’s see if I can avoid catching it. Kaili has rubbed her snot on me countess times, ah the joys of motherhood.

{Thank you Chris for the pictures!}

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  1. Thanks Kim for the update on Kaili. Glad she is feeling better. That picture with her in the bath tub is so good. It is picture perfect. lol

  2. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter in every picture! Hope you’re all feeling better. Get well for Sonoma.

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