March Photo Challenge

I wish I had known about this photo challenge thing sooner, you would think with all the blogs I follow one of them would have explained it to me. Alas I came across the idea on Pinterest in February and told myself I would take that March challenge.  With only a few days before it begins I wanted to share with all of you and challenge you to do it with me. Here it is.

It’s simple. Each day, starting March 1st, you take a picture of what is listed next to the day, so on day 5 we will take a picture of a smile. It can be a baby’s smile, a dog’s smile, your own smile, you can interpret it however you like. Sounds fun right? It’s just one picture a day so it’s not time consuming.  Once you take a picture you can post wherever you want, your blog, Facebook, Twitter ect.

Ready, set…we start Thursday!

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