Family Photo Cards

Our trip to Europe is approaching faster than any trips in the past ever have. I believe it’s because this time, not only am I super excited for our getaway, I am also going to miss my daughter terribly. Shane and I  went into marriage knowing we wanted to continue “our” lives together after we had children and  I know that I have two roles, a mother and a wife. To keep our marriage healthy, getting away alone is important and I can’t think of a better way to spend our 6 year anniversary than traveling Europe sans child. We can stay out as late as we want, eat whenever we want and we wont have to plan our day around naps.  With that said, I know there will be the days when I wake up sad that I can’t kiss my daughter good morning and I am sure I will be {secretly} counting down the days until we are reunited for a fun  Paralympic vacation in London.

Shane and I are so thankful for our parents and my Aunt for their generosity. They will be watching Kaili while we are gone and taking her to London without us. I am a little worried about how the transitions will go from one caretaker to the next. Kaili doesn’t get to see Shane’s folks often and that could make for a little separation anxiety on her part. I decided to make some family photo cards to help her learn who is in our family. I figure if I start showing them to her now, it will be a lot easier when the time comes.{fingers crossed}

To make the cards, all I did was print out pictures of family members, glue them on an index card and then label them with the name of who is in the picture. I took them down to Lakeshore Learning to get them laminated. After I trimmed off the extra lamination I hole punched them and put them on a book ring, Voila!

One thought on “Family Photo Cards

  1. What a great idea! I find that Skyping with Randy’s parents and my dad and Sandy seems to help too. Trey points at the pictures of his grandpas and says “ba-pa” each time. Also, the warm up time has decreased dramatically, but that may be due in part to age.

    I’m so excited for you for your trip! I can’t believe it’s coming so soon and we won’t be in London to watch Dave with you. Can’t wait to see the pictures and follow along from home.

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