10 Months

Time is flying! I really need to slow things down and savor then next two months. I can not believe that my sweet baby girl will be turning one year old in no time at all.

10 months old, what a great age. Kaili went from slowly starting to crawl to cruising around in a matter of a week, she has gotten fast! She loves to pull herself up on anything she can grab ahold of and likes to cruise the furniture.

She is interested in so many things these days, especially animals. She can shake her booty and wave when you say hi! She is still not a big eater and prefers to eat what we are eating. When I cut up food and put it on her tray she doesn’t show much interest but if I give her some of what I am eating she is all over it. She definitely likes her carbs, potatoes, toast, quesadillas, french toast and she loves any sort of cracker product. She also showed interest in curry, chicken teriyaki, pita with hummus and when I gave her a little dab of whipped cream she clapped. I guess she approved!

waving to mommy

waving to herself in the mirror

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