Can we talk about TV for a moment? What are you watching? What is that show you can’t live without? There are so many good shows on and good shows starting and good shows that just ended, oh how sad I am that Top Chef is over.

I am a reality TV show junky, it’s my vice, I admit it. I love Top Chef, Survivor, Amazing Race, and I probably shouldn’t admit the rest but there are a few more . I also  can not go without Dexter, True Blood, Homeland , Boardwalk Empire and Shameless. Holy shit that is a lot of shows. But we can’t  forget about Grey’s Anatomy and Ringer, oh and the ones that I record to watch when I get a free chance, Modern Family and….well you know what I mean. I also secretly hope that they will bring back the best show ever, Alias. I guess it’s not a secret anymore.

I gave up watching a few shows because of the time they consumed in a week. You know, the music ones that sing one day, judge the next day and then a day later  finally vote someone off. Holy crap  I couldn’t take it anymore and let’s be honest, when have you heard the latest winner on the radio?  And well, I had to free up the DVR so I could record everything else. Priorities people…priorities.

So back to my original question, what are you watching?

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