Sleep Troubles

In four months Shane and I will be Rome and let me tell you after the past month I am very ready for this vacation. We finally recovered from all the sicknesses we endured but now we are battling sleep regression. My great little sleeper is fighting every nap and bedtime with conviction. I thought maybe we were going to soar through the toddler years with a perfect sleep angel on our hands alas she is proving that to be a distant memory as she screams in her room.

Is it her teeth? Is it developmental? Is it separation anxiety? Yep, probably. I have researched all I can and I am now well-educated on the sleep facts of a 1-year-old. Still doesn’t help me. I taught Kaili to fall asleep on her own from a young age, no rocking to sleep, no co-sleeping and every night we had the same bedtime routine. It seems it has all gone to hell.

Is she ready for 1 nap a day? Maybe. So I gave it a shot and it backfired on me. Does she need her bedtime to be pushed back an hour? Maybe. That didn’t work either. Cry it out! I do and she is a persistent little thing, I can only take so many hours of listening to her wail until I have to say to myself “this isn’t working either”.

Hopefully I am jumping the gun with this post. Maybe she will be back to her normal self, welcoming alone time in her crib by the end of the week.

It’s quiet now, she must have worn herself out, only took 45 minutes. For all my friends that have children and have been going through this for months and months, I am sorry.  Is it too early for wine?

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