Handy Dandy {Make Life Easier} Tips

I have come across some pretty clever tricks to help with some every day PITA things.

  • Meatballs- Love eating meatballs but hate getting the mushy meat in between your fingers? I know I do. Roll the meat mixture into a log form. Cut into 1 inch pieces, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and put them inside a colander. Roll the meatballs around the colander and voila, instant round meatballs with clean hands.

  • Fix broken makeup -Do you have a favorite compact powder or bronzer but hate it when it breaks into pieces. Fix it by adding  a few small drops of rubbing alcohol into your broken makeup compact, after you add the alcohol to the broken powder you will notice it seep into the powder causing it to become soft. Smudge the soft soaking powder around, making it into a paste-like substance and re-form it by smoothing it out with your finger. Let it dry overnight for best results.  
  • Keep your Halloween Jack O Lantern from getting moldy- Carving a pumpkin is no simple feat and they usually get moldy before the holiday even arrives. Keep them fresh by using Silica gel packets.  Once you carve your pumpkin, remove gel beads from packet and embed them into the inside flesh of the pumpkin. 
  • Remove crayon from the wall- Is your little Picasso creating his masterpiece on your walls? Just use WD-40 for easy clean up. Apply a small amount to the surface and rub away with a clean cloth.
  • DIY Chip Clips- Do you have any of those plastic hangers with clips on them lying around? Well turn them into a chip clip  by breaking or sawing off the clips from the hanger. Now you have an instant chip clip, or in my case a chocolate chip clip.
  • Shoo Mosquito!-  Put a dryer sheet in your pocket to keep those mosquitos away. 
  • DIY Lip gloss – Mix a few drops of red food coloring into some Vaseline for instant lip gloss. Want it flavored? Mix in a little Kool-Aid powder, mint or vanilla extract. How easy is that? 
Do you have any other tips that you love? Please share!

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