13 Months

My little Kaili bear is 13 months old and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter, if that is possible. She has made the transition from formula to whole milk without any fuss, gave up her nighttime bottle without a peep and continues to just go with the flow like usual. She is on a 6:30 pm. – 6:30 Am schedule with 2 naps a day and it’s very consistent. She is so close to walking but the fear of letting go is holding her back but it will happen soon.

She is still a great eater although like me she doesn’t like to eat the same thing 2 days in a row. I can’t get her to eat apricots, eggs or raisins but other than that she will eat most of anything. Oh and she does like guac just like I knew she would.

playing with Rillo
Seaport Village

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