Labeling the Dresser

I have been meaning to label the dresser in Kaili’s room for months. I thought that I could easily google what I wanted and have them sent to my home…easy breezy. That however was not the case.

I always had my classroom labeled but luckily most teaching stores will sell a huge pack of labels along with pictures. The labels would cover everything from scissors to doors to books and then I would just make the random few they didn’t have, it was a piece of cake. A few months back I started searching around for labels for the home or at least for the child’s bedroom. Something with the word and a picture but I still haven’t found what I am looking for. So strange.

I slowly started making my own because let’s be honest, I would much rather be on Pinterest. I am starting with just a few so when I rearrange her dresser {soon} it wont pose a problem. The  tricky part of doing this while Shane is gone is that I am only allowed a snippet of time. I went in as soon as she woke up from her nap and I kept her in the crib for as long as she allowed. She really really wanted the scissors…and the contact paper…and the trash, you get my point.

printed and ready to be cut
half-ass measuring
viola! A not so perfect label but it will do.

Yes, I am aware that top label is nowhere near straight. I almost took it off to redo it but I had a hairy beast hollering at me.

see, a hairy beast.

I will take it off and fix it because  it’s really driving me nuts now that I see it in pictures. Kaili had to go inspect it once I let her out of her cage.

She went over and pointed to each word over and over. I know this will be a great learning tool. Shane may have to refrain me from labeling the entire house. Hopefully I will finish her room by the end of the month. Oh and if anyone knows where I can purchase labels like these please let me know! Thanks.

You are my Sunshine!

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