We Went to the Animal Fair, the Birds and the Beasts Were There….

Kaili and I went up to OC to visit my parents and check out the Orange County Fair, I can’t remember the last time I went.

As soon as we got through the entrance we hit the petting zoo. Goats, pigs, Llamas, miniature donkeys and 90 degree weather, who wouldn’t love it? Kaili was a little timid and not terribly sure about being left on the ground with these “gigantic” animals. At first she was enjoying a real life animal adventure.

And then she wasn’t sure anymore.

After a lunch of corn dogs and gyros we let Kaili play with the water area. She approached it with caution but then went full force getting completely soaked. She also met a little friend, she seemed to think this little boys nipple was a button, just kept pushing it. How embarrassing.

Kaili was a trooper and ran out of gas about 4 hours in but so did my dad, so it all worked out.

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