A delicious way to end our time in Italy

Today was our last day in Rome and we started it off with a cappuccino. A very good cappuccino. We decided to head back to the Spanish steps to for one last look and to check out all the fancy shops around that area.

For lunch we picked a random restaurant we spotted along our walk. Fresh pasta can’t be beat but I wasn’t impressed with the sauce that came on it, too much olive oil and a pinch too much of salt.

Shane made a good choice and ordered the fresh Gnocchi, that was by far the best Gnocchi I have ever had. Simply delicious.

baked Gnocchi

After an afternoon stroll to see more sites we headed back to the hotel to pack up. Our flight is super early and we have a car picking us up at 4:45 am. Time for some sleep.

See you in Paris.

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