Italy Again.

After our really fun first day we took advantage of being able to sleep in. I think it was close to 10 in the morning before we rolled out of bed and it was fantastic.

We decided today was the day to check out the Vatican. It was a hike to get there and hot as hell but such a beautiful site to see.

Along the trek we stumbled across some very good gelato. I later found out that this place is a must-try in Rome. Lucky us. I had the pistcahio and tiramisu and Shane had the chocolate wine and it was all amazingly delicious.

The rest of our day didn’t work out the way we had hoped. After seeing the Vatican we decided to walk all the way down the river to check out a restaurant. Da Meo Patacca has been around for years and one of my moms favorites from Rome. I really wanted to eat there, even if it was just a snack but once we arrived, we saw that it was closed. That was a sad part of the day. We decided to truck on back to Camp De Fiori to check out the farmers market and people watch but once we got there they were breaking it down for the day. Another disappointment.

However, we did see the most awesome police care ever. Check out this Lotus. I can only imagine the ego on Mr. officer.

After a snack we headed closer to the hotel to have a drink and some bruschetta before relaxing in our room

The evening was spent planning our next day and getting some reading and writing done. Tomorrow, skies the limit with a modest 97 degrees and 80% humidity.

2 thoughts on “Italy Again.

  1. I’m enjoying a nice cup of Snyder coffee while reading your blog and watching Barney

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