Bella Roma!

After a long day of traveling  we made it to our first destination Rome, Italy. We took a recommendation and stayed at the Aberdeen Hotel. It has air conditioning and is in a good location that is all we really need.

After a good nights sleep we woke up and hit the road with the Colosseum in mind.

The weather is hot, in the high 90s with high humidity.

We walked along the river to the must see’s in Rome. Stopping first at Campo de fiori for some fresh fruit and vino.

market Campo de Fiori

After an overdue break we headed out into the heat to see Piazza Navona. Maybe not the best spot to eat lunch but the view was perfect. If you are anything like us, people watching can be just as funny as going to a comedy improv.

We ate a one of the many restaurants in the Piazza, we ordered the cheese plate and pizza margherita. It was good maybe even great but not outstanding.

After lunch we checked out the Trevi Fountain {holy tourist trap}. It is as amazing as I remember it and we will go back at night to see the real beauty!

About 6 months ago, Shane, Kaili and I along with 2 of our friends ate dinner at Il Fornio in Del Mar. Our waiter was fantastic and told us about his friend Marco who lived and worked in Rome. After telling him about our upcoming trip to Italy our waiter wrote down the restaurant his friend served at and told us to stop in for dinner. That is exactly what we did.

Spanish steps

a generous snack from Marco

Ciampini is located at the top of the Spanish steps. We sat outside and enjoyed a glass of vino while we waited to meet Marco. When I showed him the note from his buddy back in the states he was thoroughly touched and went on to tell us about how they met and the adventures they had together, it was a really awesome experience.

We decided on dinner near the Pantheon, the food was fine, nothing spectacular. I do hope to have one amazing meal before we leave. I threw one more coin into the Trevi for good measure. The day was fun filled and I can’t wait to do it all over again!

4 thoughts on “Bella Roma!

  1. looks like you are having a ball! it is super touristy there, but amazing nonetheless! Hope ur enjoying your baby free time! We had a hard time finding amazing food when we went too… but we also had Sailor with us! Excited to see your travels!

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