Getting her to Eat

Kaili’s appetite is hit or miss these days. She also doesn’t do well with leftovers but who can blame her on that? Eating the same thing meal after meal is plain boring. I remembered something I saw on Pinterest and gave it a shot. I put a variety of cut up food in an ice cube tray and let her have at it.

I started small with just three options.

I didn’t give her much credit going in, I thought within the first 2 minutes the food would be dumped out but she proved me wrong.

hmm, what do we have here?

She was intrigued and carefully chose what she would start with.

I think this was a hit because it was a fun new way to eat lunch. I imagine the glory will fade but hey, she ate  it all but the crackers.

Tried and true. If you have a toddler who loves a meal time battle,  give it a try.

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