Our first full day in Paris has been great. I love it here. I don’t get why or how some people don’t.  We started with espresso and croissants of course.

Then we decided to tour the Louvre. Overwhelming is the best way I can describe the huge museum. We took in a lot and I am sure we missed a lot. As the day went on the place got very crowded and that was our cue to leave.

Next up was lunch. For me, crepes and cafe au lait and Shane had the escargot. It was brilliant!

Sunday we leave Paris for Brussels, so after lunch we mapped out the trip to the train station. Luckily it’s an easy trip on the metro and hopefully it wont be too crowded since we will have all our luggage with us. We managed to get our train tickets to Brussels and to London without a hitch. From the train station we headed back on the metro and made our way to the Eiffel tower.

Notice the clouds in the sky. The weather is a far cry from the heat we had in Rome. As we left the Eiffel Tower to walk Rue Cler we were hit with rain. That was a good excuse to stop at a brasserie for a beer.

Rue Clear

Turns out we weren’t far from our hotel so we decided just to walk back.  A few months ago I came across an article written by David Lebovitz. Some of you foodies may know who he is. Anyway, one of his favorite Paris restaurant just happens to be right across from our hotel. We took the opportunity to check it out.

lamb + fig

We have one more day in Paris. What shall we do tomorrow?

One thought on “Bonjour!

  1. Well thank you 🙂 How cool is it to wake up, make some coffee, get online and take a trip to Paris for a bit!!
    I have never been to Paris so I cannot say for certain why many people complain about the city but from what I understand, its a big New York – many people do not like NYC because of the go go go and the brashness of the New Yorkers and the biggest’s just too crowded!
    From the pictures, it looks like you guys were hitting each spot at just the right time and were able to enjoy yourselves before the crowds came in!! 🙂
    The Mona Lisa looks like an 8 x 10, I expected it to be much bigger, beer and olives one of my favorites..the olives are so much better in France aren’t they?? I hope your last day in Paris is amazing!

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