Final Day in Paris

Today we took the opportunity to take in our neighborhood in Paris. We walked all around making our way to the Latin quarter which should be called the Greek quarter. Greek restaurants and gyro stands are spotted all along the quarter but I took the opportunity to try some moules. I was unimpressed. I should have had a gyro, oh well.

Later in the day we stopped at a cafe to people watch. Then we had dinner at a nice restaurant my our hotel. We indulged in French champagne and creme brûlée. It was all delicious.


Live Jazz in the street.





People watching
French Champagne
Cheers to 6 years of marriage!

Oh did I mention that Shane took a spill in the Louvre? Somehow he tripped going down some stairs. This is what his ankle looked like a day later.

It looks even worse now. He has been a good sport about it and just hobbles around everywhere.

Tomorrow morning we are heading to the Paris train station to catch a train to Brussels.

3 thoughts on “Final Day in Paris

  1. What are moules?
    Isnt it crazy how people park ??!! I noticed outside the hotel the tiny cars and how close together they are and it brought back the agonizing memory of trying to find a parking space and parking on sidewalks and getting parking tickets ha..
    The champagne looks delish and it’s great how Shane drinks it with his pinky up haha! Hopfeully his ankle feels better

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