Bienvenue à Bruxelles!

After some coffee Shane and I headed to the train station to catch our train to Brussels.

The train ride was nice. We sat in first class where we served a little lunch and enjoyed free wifi. Once we reached Brussels we paid an obscene amount on a taxi to our hotel. Turns out there is a metro station right around the corner from our hotel and it’s just a short ride from the train station. I didn’t do my homework…

Our hotel is in a pretty good location to all the sites. Once we checked in we made our way out to the Grand Place. First things first though…

The chocolate museum is not open on Monday so that was what needed to happen first. It was eh…just OK. Some good information but not enough for the entry fee.

Mannekin Pis in Chocolate

This town has such an awesome vibe. Cobblestone streets and amazing old architecture. We walked along the Grand Place and were in aw of the buildings.

Pomme Frites, the thing to try here in Brussels. We stopped at the place with the line. I ordered mine with mayonnaise, Shane with ketchup and onions. They both were good.

Next up was nap time so we went back to the hotel for a sieste. Dinner was Thai, outskirts of the tourist area we found some pretty good Thai food. I had the Paad See Ew, Shane the Paanang Curry.

This morning we woke up around 8:30. I  didn’t sleep well. There is no AC in this room, the pillows suck and my book kept me up all night. It is that good.

This morning we  caught the  continental breakfast and a couple of cups of coffee. If you decide to travel  here, learn now that hitting up a boulangerie and a market can get you the same amount of food for a lot less. If breakfast doesn’t come included at  your hotel just walk outside to the nearest cafe, better deal, better food.

We only have one full day to do it all.See the  sites, eat the favorites and  drink the Belgium beer  We could have spent over $100 to have someone take us to several bars, walk us several miles and give is several beers. Or…we could just choose our own adventure. We chose the latter. I won’t bore you with the details but we hit a handful of different places trying different ales. It was fun.

The Famous Delirium Tremors Cafe and Tap House

After a few beers we went back to see the Mannekin Pis, he was dressed nicely today.

We ate waffles, sorry no pictures. We couldn’t pass up trying the mussels or moules as they call them here. They were very good!

Later in the evening we found ourselves at a little bar next to a hostel near the Grand place. This place reminded me of a bar in Beijing so guess what I did?

Next up, live music with the locals. This was the highlight of our entire trip for me. Just plain awesome!

Grand Place at Night
sitting, chatting and drinking with the locals.

Tomorrow afternoon we are off to London. My folks, Shane’s folks and my Kaili bear are arriving about the same time as us. We will meet them at the flat we rented in Camden. Cheers to part deux of our European adventure~

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