Tennis Day 1

Today was my first day at the Olympic center and boy is it a site to see. Unlike China, most of the sport venues are located inside the park. There are pros and cons to this. Pro; if we are going to be there all day waiting for matches that are at opposite times of the day then we can just walk to see another sport. We couldn’t do that 4 years ago, we saw tennis and only tennis. Con; the park is ginormous, it is a 20-30 minute walk from the main entrance to Eton Manor. (tennis venue) This is a whole different experience with a squirmy toddler. It takes us 30 minutes to get from our front door to the front entrance of the park and then another 30 minutes to the tennis courts. Expecting Kaili to sit and watch tennis after that is probably not going to happen. My mom was kind enough to take turns swapping places with me so I could cheer on David. I am getting worried about how this will work as the days go on and the crowds get bigger, these Brits don’t mess around!

Decked out in red, white and blue
ready to cheer on uncle David
Olympic Park
not sure what this is but people were walking to the top.

David was third on after 11:00 am. That is how it works. You are never sure of the time they will play so you just have to guess and make sure you get there early. He played a guy from South Africa ranked 7th in the world. He won!

Kaili had fun people watching and playing on the grass. She spent a good amount of time chillling in her stroller watching some tennis but the nap didn’t happen until our way home.This is definitely a different experience with a toddler, as easy going as she is.

going in for a congratulatory kiss.

2 thoughts on “Tennis Day 1

  1. I can’t imagine how different it is being there with a toddler! Does this mean you won’t watch him every day? You must be exhausted. Are your days long like they were in China, or do you find yourself spending more time in the flat?

  2. I can watch most of them because my mom is offering to watch Kaili for me. There is a big grassy area in the tennis center which is great for her.
    The days aren’t as long because we need to get back to put Kaili down. Shane and I could go out after but all we think about is her getting up at 6. It’s definitely not as flexible as I would like but what can you do?
    The hardest part is the pub thing. A lot of pubs serve food but don’t have highchairs so we are struggling to find places to eat with her. She won’t sit in her stroller during dinner, she is it in all day.
    I am not too tired, getting enough sleep is crucial.

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