Doubles Match

Today was David and Nick’s doubles match. We got to Eton Manor a little early to watch another match and we knew right away it was going to be hot out.

Eating animal crackers while waiting for David to play tennis

They guys played on the center court. I was worried about having Kaili in there but it actually worked out really well. Cathy, David’s mom found the perfect family spot to sit. The area up behind the seats has an open area for Kaili to walk around and she even napped in her stroller up there. It worked out great.

They played Israel and the match was intense. They won the first set but went to a tie-breaker in the 2nd set finally winning it 8-7. It was a relief when it was over.

Big Head

After the win we were all wiped from the stress and sun. Shane, Kaili, my folks and I ate at a hopping place next to the Olympic Park entrance, it was just OK, once again.

Tomorrow David is on at 11:00 on Center court and it’s supposed to be even hotter. The weather has drastically changed over the past few days. I didn’t know that happened here.

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