Gold in Doubles

Today was a long and great day. We got to the park close to noon and good thing because the place was packed. There were two matches to be played before David and Nick went on but the Brits were filling the seats. Our seats were saved so now it was time to keep Kaili busy for a few hours. She did amazingly well for how long we were there.

Kaili and Terri
Center court is filling up.

I got Kaili to nap a little before the boys went on but unfortunaley the nap didn’t last long. My mom and I took turns watching her behind the court during the match.

It was another stressful one, USA took the first set, lost the second and then won it in the third. They played so well together and deserved the win!

Congratulating and Celebrating each other
Sorry for my hand in the way
Gold Medal Winners!

Next up was the medal ceremony. This is such a cool thing to witness, especially when it’s our national anthem that plays!

Setting up
Getting their medals

After the cermonies we headed behind the courts to wait for Uncle David and Nick to come out so we could congratulate them. Kaili was the star of the show this time. It was getting close to 6:30pm the weather was getting cold and she hadn’t eaten dinner but she was a trooper.

Keeping her entertained
3 time Gold medal winners
Nick, Me, David, Kaili and Shane

2 thoughts on “Gold in Doubles

  1. SO happy for Wags! Please give him my congrats! Oh and tell him i love the big heads….awesome 🙂

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