Yesterday we set out about noon to watch Wags win the silver medal. He is leaving London with a gold and a silver medal, now that is an accomplishment!

Wags heads, still the best thing we did!
During the match
Receiving the silver medal

After the medal ceremony we waited for Wags to gather himself a do the media thing then we met up with him for closer look at the medal and take pictures.

Kaili with uncle David

The amount of people at the Olympic center was out of control yesterday.

Next up dinner. We all got together at a Brazilian restaurant to celebrate. David was occupied by many fans wanting to congratulate him and get a glimpse of a true medal.

After dinner just Shane, Wags and I stayed out to catch up and get all the juicy details of what really goes on behind the scenes of the Paralympics.

We had fun. Wags was continuously mobbed by people wanting pictures and autographs. I don’t think he minded all the pretty ladies hanging around.

Tonight is the Paralympics closing ceremony. We only have 3 tickets so unfortunately not all of us can go and that is a big bummer.

Tomorrow is our flight home which is also a big bummer. Back to reality until 2016 when we do it all over again in Rio.

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