Ribbit {that is all I could come with}

I am absolutely horrible at naming my blog posts. Trying to come up with a clever title seems easy enough but defeats me every time, dammit!

Today was a perfect 84 degrees, a mere 25 degrees cooler than Saturday.  With the nice weather change I thought it would be the perfect time to blow up Kaili’s frog pool she got from her birthday.  She seemed to get more enjoyment out of this pool than the other baby pool I got her a year ago. Maybe it was because the water out of the hose was warm and she wasn’t shivering. Or it was because big froggy eyes were peering down on her, yeah that was probably it.

After lounging in the water we ate lunch outside. Then I soaked up some sun while she “cooked” us up snacks and chased the cat around.

Did I tell you I saw my Neonatologist Dr. Stanco a month ago? I was advised by my fertility Dr. to sit down and talk to her about the risks of having another child.  After talking through everything that happened during my pregnancy she said “go for it!” She thinks that most of what happened to me were freak things. The subchorionic tear, the velementous cord insertion and the succenturiate lobe in my placenta are rare conditions and she doesn’t see them happening again. However the pre-term contractions could happen again so I would have to be monitored really closely and bed rest is a good possibly. Even though I was diagnosed with Pre-Eclampsia at the end of my pregnancy she wasn’t too concerned about that. She did advise that if I was going to do it, to do it soon.

I still haven’t quite recovered mentally from everything that happened. Even though I have now been told everything should be fine, the Drs. were wrong once. This time I have Kaili to think about and in the back of my mind I worry about something happening to me. I know, I know..Hopefully I can come to a final decision on what I want to do. Until then…

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