Weekly Favorites

I am not ready to succumb to Fall yet. It’s been in the 80’s and  I am still using the grill to do a lot of my cooking. Until the weather tells me otherwise, it’s still summer. However with all the pumpkin recipes and Halloween decorations,  it looks like I might have to face reality soon. Maybe next week I will be ready to make some seasonal recipes and post some Halloween faves.

Favorite Recipe– My favorite summer dish is the almighty Caprese salad. I just made one last week but that wont stop me from trying this delicious looking recipe tonight. I may even try slow roasting the tomatoes on the grill.

Favorite DIY– Kaili has been showing a lot of interest in getting her hands messy, she thouroughly enjoys “painting” her high chair tray with ketchup, hummus and yogurt. I think it’s time to make some of this homemade edible finger paint and let her at it.

Favorite Photo– How awesome for the children, I love this!

Favorite Destination– Cinque Terre, Italy. We passed on seeing this amazing city on our recent trip to Europe. Rick Steves said it’s a tourist trap in August, so now I have an excuse to back.

Favorite Funny– I probably shouldn’t think this is funny….but I do, because it is.

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