Under the Weather

The past few days haven’t been the greatest. Well actually Tuesday started out just fine. Kaili and I went down to the Bay for some excercise  and a picnic lunch.

enjoying pita and hummus

Kaili enjoyed playing in the sand and on the playground. It was a beautiful day.

Once we were back home, we headed out into the backyard for some kitty cat time. As Kaili was trying to pull a towel off the back of one the patio chairs she unfortunately managed to pull the entire chair over onto her.  I didn’t get there in time and the chair landed on her toe. She was in pain and her whole toenail instantly turned purple

Once the crying subsided, I tried icing it as much as I could, but she wasn’t having it. I was more concerned than she was, she was handling the pain fine, or so I thought. I decided to call the nurse to make sure she didn’t need to be checked out. The nurse suggested to see if Kaili could settle down for a nap, if so then she would probably be fine but if not to head to urgent care. Kaili was exhausted and napped her normal afternoon nap with no problem.

When dinner rolled around she was fussy and I couldn’t get her to eat more than a few bites and she fought bedtime, that is unusual. I knew she must be in pain and I gave her Advil but it didn’t seem to help. It is heartbreaking to know your child is in pain and there is nothing you can do about it, absolutely heartbreaking! By 9pm we both finally got some sleep. That is until midnight when I was woken up by her screaming. As soon as I opened her door I knew what had happened. She was covered, no actually drenched in vomit. Once everything was in the wash and she had taken a bath I put her on the couch to watch Barney while I called the after hours nurse. I was urged to take her to the ER. So we packed up and headed to Children’s hospital at 1:00 AM.

I was concerned that the vomiting was linked to her hurt toe but the nurse at the hospital didn’t think they were connected. They gave Kaili some a magic drug that stopped her vomiting and said they weren’t going to drain the blood in her toe at that time, so we could head home but we needed to see her Pediatrician in the next day or two.

We were both wiped by the time we got home and she went right to sleep. I hoped she would sleep until 8 or 9 to catch up on the missed hours but nope, she was up at 5 and then for good at 7. Once awake, she developed a fever. It started as a low grade fever but started climbing as the day went on.

Kaili came with me to the gym on Monday where she was in their daycare while I worked out. Shane thought, and I hoped that she caught something there and it was just a coincidence that it hit her the same day as her injury. But in the back of my mind I worried that it was somehow linked to the trauma of her toe or even worse an infection in her body.

The Dr. agreed with me that the vomiting could very well be her body reacting to the injury but she wasn’t convinced the fever was too. She gave me the option of doing blood tests to check for an infection or wait a few days to see what happens with the fever. I opted for the second option, wait and see. Her opinion was she would be just fine and wouldn’t be surprised if she woke up with a cough or congestion in the next day. But she said we were to come back if her fever got over 103 and or if the fever wasn’t gone in three days.

Kaili woke up the next morning with a fever, nasal congestion and sneezing. So maybe this is all a coincidence  and it’s just a bad bad cold. I haven’t been able to get her to eat or drink anything and I am forcing water, Gatorade and apple juice down her throat just to keep her from becoming dehydrated. This sucks!

This is what her toe looks like today, terrible picture but she won’t let me touch her foot.

She still has a temperature and that is my main concern right now. Fingers crossed things start looking up tomorrow!

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