Funky Cold

Well let’s see, where did I leave off? Kaili’s health has made a huge improvement over the past couple of days, her fever is gone, throwing up is done and her toe bled on it’s own which has made it look a million times better. After the week we had she ended up with a stupid cold!

Friday, our friend Randy from Portland ( you can follow his wife’s blog here) came into town for a visit. We, and a few of our friends went to Slaters 50/50 for an early dinner.

This was the first time Kaili really ate anything, Mac n cheese, french fries and ketchup, I’ll take it!

Kaili found Randy’s IPad

We spent Sunday sitting around, chatting, sipping Bloody Mary’s and laughing at K bear. Oh and watching football!

One thought on “Funky Cold

  1. I’d better not let Trey see that picture of Randy, Kaili, and the iPad! He will be super jealous!

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