“Sleep Fight” Phase

Please tell me it’s just the cold+ toe injury that is making my daughter fight sleep, paleeeze! . Kaili has always welcomed her beauty sleep and if she wasn’t asleep by the time her head hit the mattress, she would play quietly until she conked out. But this past week has been a whole other ballgame, she cries and cries and then throws her pacifier out of the crib because she is smart enough to know I will come give it to her. This goes on for quite awhile until she gives in. I will stand strong but it sure is tough.

I know at this age she is beginning to realize how much fun it is being awake and that she want’s to “assert her independence”. Is she telling me she is ready for 1 nap a day? Sometimes I think yes but then afternoon hits and she rubs her eyes and starts the cranky pants dance. So then I think, nope, two naps it is.

It’s probably just the cold right?

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