Getting Crafty

Halfway through October and it’s 90 degrees outside. I would have no clue that Halloween is around the corner if it weren’t for the tacky  decorations strewed along my neighbors houses. Ok Fall (disguising yourself as Summer) with your freakish weather, I give in, you win.

I am not a huge fan of Halloween but I do get excited about all the fun crafts there are to do with the kids. I  dug  into my teaching supply boxes for a couple of activities to do with Kaili. Well if I am being honest, the hand and footprint ghosts is really an activity for the adults to do but we just say it’s a kids crafts because it’s cute, a keepsake if you will.

I gave K bear a piece of paper, some Halloween stickers, showed her how to peel of the backing and let her do her thing.

Stickers =Concentration and fine motor skills. After she stuck them on she pulled them off and that is fine, but we were left with an empty canvas. So sorry, no picture for you!

The hand and footprint ghosts turned out super cute. I took her outside, mixed a little dish soap with white paint ( comes right off with water ) and once I got one footprint done, I put her foot into a bucket of water and rinsed it off. Rinse , paint, repeat. Simple!


While she was doing her craft I sang ? told?  Kaili the Five Little Pumpkins poem and she laughed at me. WTF?

I also made a failed recipe of edible Pumpkin play dough, it is in the trash now. Boo! But I have some yummy recipes to share with you soon to make up for the botched play dough.

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