Oktoberfest Dinner

Welp, our Oktoberfest dinner-turned-late lunch went off without a hitch. Once again I didn’t get pictures of all the food, what the hell is wrong with me? Wait, don’t tell me…. All of the food was good but there were a couple of highlights.



Cottage Potatoes with Bacon

German Bean and Sausage Soup

Chicken Schnitzel

Pretzels with Spicy Mustard

Apple Strudel

Snicker doodles

Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake

Fruit Tart

German Wine + Beer

I made an Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake, A recipe I got from Epicurious. It was a little time consuming to make and I made one mistake that came close causing an emotional melt down but more about that later. The outcome was delicious, a definite keeper. Shane made Cottage Potatoes with bacon, the potatoes were cooked in beer, the onions cooked in a little bacon grease and butter and then you combine them all together. Pretty darn good. I will post the recipe to the cake in the near future…

It was great to get together with everyone. Our dinner themes aren’t monthly like they used to be since everyone’s calendars are always filling up. Kaili had a GREAT time playing with her friend and was in LOVE with all her cool toys.

chatting and watching Schnitzel in the making.
I’m not listening to you!!
Fun Toys
Kaili was a busy bee with all Isla’s cool toys

We are hoping to have our next theme soon but I wouldn’t bet on it being before January. That gives us enough time to figure out a theme!

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