From Rome to San Diego

Months ago we had dinner at an Italian restaurant in Del Mar. Turned out our waiter Angelo was from Rome and when we told him about our upcoming trip there he told us to hit up his good friend Marco’s restaurant, located near the Spanish Steps. He wrote down his friends name and the name of the restaurant on a business card. Fast forward to August when we were in Rome we set out to find the restaurant, I wrote a little about it here.

Last night we gathered some friends and headed back to the restaurant in Del Mar to deliver the post card from Marco in Italy to Angelo in San Diego. Being the middle man is fun!


We enjoyed a very good meal, Burrata, prosciutto and arugula to start. Pear and mozzarella ravioli in a champagne sauce. Fresh Fettucinne with smoked salmon and Kaili dined on steamed veggies.

Angelo was happy to see us and his postcard. We enjoyed ourselves, the food, the wine and the sunset over the ocean. It was a fun night!

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