Can You Hear What I Hear?

Kaili is now 18 months and still has no real words, although she does pretty much say “yes” . Can she understand? Absolutely. She can follow 3 step instructions and shows empathy, a trait she obviously gets from me!

I told myself that I would look into First  5 San Diego  to get her a speech assessment if she wasn’t talking by 18 months. Well here we are. First 5 is a  program that helps children 0-5 years old in all areas, health, learning, family, for free. They have arranged for us to come in and have Kaili observed by a speech therapist next month. They also wanted  her to get her ears checked, so that is what we did yesterday. Shane and I really didn’t think there was anything wrong with her hearing but hey, it was free, why not double check. They also threw in a vision test for good measure.

The outcome? She passed both the hearing and vision tests as we expected. So, her lack of words has nothing to do with her hearing. I know it’s not a huge deal that she isn’t talking yet, and I know that some children start talking later on but you know, with her birth story and all, I have to {for my own sanity} have her checked out.

After the testing, I took her down to La Jolla for a beach picnic. Why? Because that is what I like to do and that is what I did after a lot of my IVF tests. Plus it was a beautiful day.

However my  daughter doesn’t seem to appreciate the beach as much as I do. She doesn’t like the sand on her feet or her hands for that matter and she isn’t fond of the water. In time, I know she will soon love it and I will have to drag her home. I hope!

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